diyaa ngo

One of the most charismatic ,versatile and entertaining Indian Artist.Karan Dev Dhami is a quintessential hilly man in Bollywood who rose to prominence with his culturally superhit film Chholyar and became ‘The Chholya Man of Uttarakhand’. Deva Dhami is a name every movie lover reveres.His immensely skillful performances and his top-notch portrayal of different characters has constantly left a mark in each of his craft.
Being from Madmanley,Pithoragarh which is located in the foothills of Kumaon he always had a keen interest to uplift his culture thats how he landed up learning Chholya and became a skilled Chholya Dancer.
After doing MJMC from MCRP,Bhopal he started his career in DD News and supervised many eminent media organisations as a lecturer but his stunning good look and raw sex appeal landed him roles in many prominent commercial such as Happy Noodles,Laal Kitab,DMW,Rapidex,Grocery Master etc. with many renowed names like Rashmi Desai,Tom Alter,Raza Murad.A successful transition into films and television soon followed and gave  him a phenomenal success in his field and made him a house hold name after his first daily soap Jury
Being a versatile personality he also holds an interest in painting and football.Along side this he has many achievements in the row,because of his cultural inclination at a very young age he has been a part of many national & international events and have won many national & international awards.
Despite being from humble background he is an epitome the quintessential dream that many youngsters hold close to their hearts.
Being a cultural icon of the country he has endeared this dance form as a major part of his life and want to take it to the next level through his NGO Diyaa.
He is also involved in various philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors and fiercely advocates for cultural rights.
From being a decorated actor to philanthropist to singer he has been a real trend setter for many youngsters out there in hills.